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Kaitlyn Hobbs

Creative Co-Director

Kaitlyn Hobbs is a recent graduate from California State University, Fullerton, who received a BA in dance. During her degree, Kaitlyn had the opportunity to work with brilliant professors and a multitude of professional choreographers. She worked with Clearance Brooks while he set a group variation of Talley Baetty’s Mourners Bench. Kaitlyn has also worked with Stephanie Liapas by being casted in the restaging of her work Small Acts of Living, and Meg Madorin by being set in Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset. Kaitlyn was also presented with the opportunity to learn from Colin Connor, former director and teacher from the Limon Dance Company. He created and set his piece Absence is Never Far on her and her classmates during the summer of 2020. 

For pre-professional work, Kaitlyn had the chance of attending Deeply Rooted Dance Company’s Summer Intensive in 2021. Over the month of classes, she got to work with well known teachers from the industry and gained experience of a professional company. 

During college, Kaitlyn created and developed her own choreographic process, preparing herself for the professional world. Her repertoire consists of Settled Into Quicksilver: A Choreographic Process (2022), Not the Stereotype (2021), Sentience (2020), and several other projects. With everything Kaitlyn has learned and all of the experience she has gained, she feels confident in her ability to take her passion and share it with other dancers. She wants to create a foundation and community that focuses on inclusivity and expression with the freedom to dance.

Kaitlyn Hobbs
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