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We offer several types of dance classes. There are combo classes and individual technique classes.

We have classes for all ages and offer sibling discounts and multi-class discounts. 

Our musical theatre classes incorporate the three performance elements: dancing, singing and acting.

All classes are team taught and offer the chance to learn discipline, personal accountability and rehearsal etiquette...while having fun!

Dancing Shoes

Combo Classes

Our combo classes include various styles of dance including ballet, tap, and jazz. These classes will be used to encourage movement exploration and a sense of rhythm and musicality. These preschool classes are a wonderful introduction for young dancers to experience a basic classroom structure in a fun and nurturing environment.



We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced ballet classes. Students will begin with the basics of the ballet technique. Progression through the levels will build on students’ understanding of the technique as well as applying artistry to their movement.



Beginner, intermediate, and advanced jazz classes are offered. In these classes, movement will be fast paced and full of high energy. Students will gather an understanding of various jazz styles and focus on their rhythm, strength, and flexibility. Progressions will be made as they advance through the levels.

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Tap dance utilizes the sounds created by tap shoes. In tap class, dancers learn how to articulate their feet in order to execute the technique. Tap levels offered range from beginner to advanced, with each level focusing on a varying range of steps, self expression, rhythm and coordination, as well as learning to work with others. In all tap classes, both styles of Rhythmic and Broadway tap will be studied and executed.

Modern Dance Leap


Lyrical dance combines both ballet and jazz techniques. This genre is typically danced to lyrics, which inspires strong emotion and expression through the movement created. In this class, dancers will learn to incorporate both ballet and jazz techniques to increase their understanding of individuality and expressiveness.

Modern Ballet Dancer


Modern and contemporary dance are broad genres of concert or theatrical dance. Both include styles of ballet, folk, ethnic, and social dance. In class, dancers will explore the different techniques, such as Graham, Horton, and Limon, as well as discover relationships between creative movement and floorwork.


Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a class designed to bring together dancing and singing. In this class, students will learn how to act and sing as well the properties of how theater productions come together. By combining dancing, singing, and acting, students will be able to clearly express a story. This class concentrates on the Broadway style.


Leaps and Turns

Leaps and Turns is a class offered that gives students the ability to work on strengthening their bodies for better turns and jumps typically used in a dance performance. This is a space for students to ask questions and gain deeper insight into how the body moves.

Hand Stand During Dance Performance

Stretch and Flexibility

Stretching is important for dancers to maintain a flexible physique. In stretch and flexibility, students will learn different stretches and strengthening exercises to increase flexibility while being taught how to utilize different muscle groups to avoid injury.

Ballet Dancers


Pre-point/Point is a class where students will build up the strength and endurance used for pointe work. Students ready for pointe work will learn the basics of pointe while maintaining proper ballet technique.

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